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About Texas Vein Care

Texas Vein Care offers comprehensive treatments for varicose and spider veins. We utilize non-surgical and minimally invasive in-office procedures that are safe, painless, leave little to no scarring, and typically provide immediate relief. All patients receive a comprehensive vein screening exam by a board certified physician and our Registered Vascular Technologist. This exam provides patients with a complete venous history, education, and an individualized treatment plan to insure optimal results. Many of these procedures are even approved by insurance companies, including Medicare.

Choosing a vascular surgeon can be a tough decision.

Here are the benefits of choosing Dr. Hariz and Texas Vein Care
  • Dr. George Hariz is a trusted Vascular Surgeon with over 30 years of experience.
  • Texas Vein Care has been serving patients in the Dallas metropolitan area since 1989.
  • Dr. George Hariz is focused on providing each patient with personal attention and optimal results.
  • All diagnostic testing is done by our Registered Vascular Technologist, David Feigenbutz, who has 22 years of experience in vascular studies.
  • While some clinics re-use catheters, Texas Vein uses brand new catheters for each patient.
  • We perform ultrasound assessments with the patient in a standing position to obtain a more accurate assessment of the vein function and damage.
  • Most of vein treatment modalities are performed in our clinic by our trusted staff in a private and comfortable environment.

Our clinic uses Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation for the treatment of varicose veins. Studies have shown that radiofrequency ablation causes minimal post-operative pain as well as decreased treatment time. Moreover, while other clinics may sterilize and reuse the endovenous fibers on multiple patients, we only use brand new fibers for each patient.

Find out first hand what makes our clinic special. Call us to schedule your free vein consultation. Meet Dr. George Hariz and learn how we can address your specific needs.

George Hariz, MD

George Hariz, MD


Dr. Hariz is board certified in General Surgery and Vascular Surgery by the American Board of Surgery and has been treating varicose and spider veins for more than 28 years. Dr. Hariz is licensed in both Texas and New York and has practiced general & vascular surgery in Dallas since 1989. Dr. Hariz has extensive knowledge and experience in evaluating and treating varicose veins and stays up to date on current advances in the treatment of venous disorders. He provides comprehensive vein treatment: Endovenous Closure (Laser/RF), Sclerotherapy and Microphlebectomy.

Dr. Hariz received his MD degree from the American University of Beirut in 1979. He trained in General Surgery at Yale affiliated hospitals in New Haven, Connecticut from 1982-1987. He then trained in Vascular Surgery from 1987-1989 at The Methodist Hospital-Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

Dr. Hariz is an active member of:
  • American College of Surgeons
  • Texas Medical Association (TMA)
  • Dallas County Medical Society(DCMS)
David Feigenbutz

David Feigenbutz

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